Lyman C. Hunt Middle School Home Page

Our Namesake

Lyman C. Hunt was born January 3, 1891 in a farm in Fairfax, Vermont. He went to a one-room school until high school, 1904. Lyman graduated in 1908 from Bellows Free Academy in Fairfax, Vermont.

In June of 1912, Hunt received his A.B. degree at U.V.M., and received his Master's Degree in 1938 at Columbia Teachers College. In 1912, Hunt began his teaching career at McIndoe Falls, Vermont and then moved on to McIndoe Academy, where he was principal, coach and janitor.

Lyman C. Hunt was also principal of Champlain High School in New York, Peoples Academy of Morrisville, Vermont and Spaulding High School in Barre, Vermont.

From 1922-1970  he was Burlington's Superintendent of Schools.

In 1965 he was Essex's representative  who helped develop legislation.

Between 1966-1970 Hunt was a representative from District 12-1.

He died on September 4th, 1970. The new junior high school in the New North End was named after Lyman C. Hunt and then was changed into a middle school in 1987.


Hunt Middle School strives to engage its students in an education that promotes academic excellence, f asters a sense  of community, provides a safe and respectful environment, and values individuality and diversity.


The Hunt Educational Community of Burlington shares the responsibility for our school's educational mission.    We dedicate ourselves  to  this  mission  in  order  to  offer  our  students  the knowledge and tools necessary for attaining their individual goals and  for  assuming  responsible   roles  in  a  diverse  democratic society.  To be successful in this mission, we prepare all members of the Hunt Community to be respectful, kind, and effective communicators,    resourceful   and   lifelong   learners,   and   well­ informed citizens who give back to their community.  We teach students to think creatively, flexibly, independently, and logically. We strengthen their foundation of ethical behavior and intellectual integrity.  We design programs that are challenging and stimulating in an environment supportive of social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

We believe that each student has the capacity for excellence and can achieve it when provided with opportunities and guided by high and clearly defined expectations.   Our goal is to provide a creative middle school setting which encourages teaming, appropriate grouping, recognition of diverse learning styles, interdisciplinary, integrated and innovative learning, exploratory and extra-curricular activities.

We believe that education is a cooperative endeavor and that students should feel a sense of community within their school, valuing the richness of individual differences and recognizing each others' successes.  This will prepare them to act responsibly toward interpersonal, local, and global issues as they continue to learn and grow into adulthood.


Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday

 7:55am to 3:00pm

 On Wednesdays
 7:55am to 2:10pm


Entrance to Hunt is on Gosse Ct.